Best Selling Family Cars for 2011

Toyota Camry

best-selling family car in America?

With automakers reporting March sales and an unexpected first place for the mid-size Nissan Altima as the best-selling sedan in America for the first time, the mid-size Toyota Camry still takes the top spot in first-quarter 2011 sales in the U.S. Toyota snags three of the top 10 spots in Q1 sales, while Chevrolet and Honda each have two, and Ford and Nissan one each.

Some of the shuffling around for the month and quarter is likely due to consumer demand for more fuel-efficient vehicles, supply/assembly disruptions due to the Japanese earthquake, and heavy advertising by Nissan, among other factors.

March sales of the mid-size Toyota Prius hybrid were up 52 percent over March 2010. Sales of the all-new 2011 mid-size Hyundai Sonata and compact Elantra, built in Alabama, are up 55 percent over March 2010 and combined represent 68 percent of total Hyundai volume. The compact Chevrolet Cruze, number eight best-seller in the first quarter, is an all-new model and was edged out by the Chevy Impala large sedan for the 10th place in March sales by just 45 units.

The numbers, as reported by manufacturers, are as follows:

Best-Selling Family Cars (Q1 2011)

1. Toyota Camry
2. Toyota Corolla
3. Nissan Altima

4. Honda Accord

5. Ford Fusion

 Honda Civic

7. Hyundai Sonata

8. Chevrolet Cruze

9. Chevrolet Impala
10. Toyota Prius

March 2011

1. Nissan Altima
2. Honda Accord
 3. Toyota Camry
 4. Honda Civic
 5. Toyota Corolla
 6. Ford Fusion
 7. Hyundai Sonata
 8. Hyundai Elantra
 9. Toyota Prius
 10. Chevrolet Impala